Our Services

Automation Design

Computer Automation is the next big thing in offices accross the world. With the help of UIpath Software, we can help you build a workforce of computers to do all the repetative tasks for you while you focus on more important things.

Business System Design

Many businesses have a great idea, and the motivation to make it big. All they need is an efficient system to make it work.

We help businesses re-organize their systems to be more efficient and streamlined so they can focus more on their business and less on maintenance.

Automation Management and Operation

No need to worry about your new automation and systems. We can operate and manage them for you. With complete outsourcing of this new technology you can continue on doing what you do best.

Our Projects

Payroll Process

A highly successful company found they were outgrowing their resources. With not enough man power to keep up with their payroll for thousands of employees, we set up an automation to do the work of 6 full time accountants.

Month End

With an increase in clientele, month end reports became more difficult to complete on time. To increase their bandwidth we built an automation to complete many of their tasks.


The key to a successful a onboarding experience is to have an organized step-by-step process from day one. By spear-heading the problem, our client's onboarding process now is automatic and streamlined, never missing a beat.

AB&M Features

Our services include:

  • UIpath Certified Business Automation
  • Consulting to find the most efficient business model
  • Maintenence and operation of automation projects
  • Microsoft VBA Coding
  • Peace of mind to you and your company

With so much to do, and so little time to get it done, we offer all our services with the goal to help you get more done at work, and spend more time out of the office.