About Us

About AB&M Automation

We are a company that is dedicated to helping you and your team to focus on the more important things in life. We do this by automating away the mundain and repetitive tasks that clutter up your daily job.

Automation is the programming of computers to do the work of humans. In the end we hope to have just as many computers assisting you as real human employees. The greatest part is that these programs or bots dont take the job of the employees, but make it more meaningful for them as they focus on more important tasks that involve more critical thinking.

You may be thinking, what could I automate in my business? There are many options, such as HR, accounting, paper/office work etc. Below you will be able to meet me and see businesses like yours that we have helped to focus on what is most important.

Meet Me

Adam Blackham

Automation Director

Hey, I'm Adam. Its nice to meet you! Over the past year I have learned the UiPath software to help businesses like yours. On the side me and my wife train for marathons, enjoy juice boxes, and spend time with our family nearby. I am well experienced in building custom automations that make your job more enjoyable. I am also certified as an Automation Developer by UIpath.

Our Clients